Carter’s vs. Mommy

My lil’ guy is 7 months old already. I love this time with him and I am so happy I get front row seats to my kids.

 Little boys. They can get on your last nerve and also bring out the sunshine at the same time. Even their smell of sweat, dirt, sunscreen, snails and puppy dog tails is the best cologne to me. I love these boys!

I remember when I was pregnant with Milo. I thought, this will be so great! I have all of Julian’s old stuff to pass on. 

Isn’t it funny that we as mother’s get excited about things like this? The ability to save time, money and usage. 

As it turns out, I really didn’t have a ton of boy clothing. Which is weird, because I swear Julian had enough to go around. So for the last few weeks, I keep thinking to the Mommy List in my head. When time isn’t crunching me and when I actually feel like taking the boys shopping, I need to get more clothes.

So today the thought approached me as I was on my way to Target to get myself a couple t-shirts. Then I remembered a Carter’s kid & baby store just recently opened up near me. 

So, although the desperation was crying out in me to get a t-shirt for myself. (One that doesn’t look dingy or tight; or like I’m on my way to work out, because seriously, who am I kidding?) I went to Carter’s. 

This place was awesome. So stinkin’ cute. Thank goodness it was all half off! 

Honestly, I was so much happier walking out of that store today than I would have at Target. Because, who are we kidding; our kids will always be first. And we would so much rather buy for them, than for us. 

The Real Me


This is me.

Real. Natural. Stressed. No need for a big blog. Let’s be real! No mom bashing please. Follow me on Instagram @cindafreakinrella1

Internet Search Engines

I am so irritated by Internet search engines. I was on Pinterest today, which by the way i love. I was looking up career things after being a stay at home mom. Yes, i look to the future as Mrs. West w/ 2 little ones with a advancing  career.  I’m not entirely sure what that holds but it’s exciting.
Let me give you a little advice. Don’t search things online, unless you’re super specific. Everything was stating “How to make money as a stay at home mom”, then “How to live on only $___ a month”, then “How to Potty Train in only 3 Days”. Who are they kidding? My mind goes crazy!
First of all, any parent knows potty training is not something you can teach in a certain amount of time and then everything is perfect. What world is that? Seriously internet? 
Yes, i know I’m using the Internet to blog. I am not bashing the Internet.
I am so irritated by the way people are trying to say everything is easy and everything can be done by just a plan.
A plan is only good when you can continue and succeed. I’ll be the first to say, i hate diets. I hate the plan, the sacrifice already happening and the first couple days of moodiness because you’re starving. So, i dont diet. If you want to loose weight, make little substitutes at a time. Be active when you can and when you want.
And the, “Make $ as a Stay @ Home Mom” thing; please. These articles state if you just do online surveys, “mystery shop”, sell your old clothing, and blog, you will make tons! Not some, tons of money!
Not only have i done all of these, but i continued them, hoping money would really start rolling in. What did i learn? Well, not only was the “money” earned, a gift card for only certain things online, but it also took a lot of effort and a lot of time away from my family. It wasn’t worth it. I do this blog, however for my own sanity. I love to write. (Why not put out my own crazy opinions in ink?) I haven’t earned any money what-so-ever, but who cares! It’s fun!

All Signs Point to Yes, Baby is Coming


Remember the feeling you felt when you found out you were pregnant? Whether you’ve been “trying” for a long time or it was a surprise, finding out a beautiful baby is growing inside you is amazing. The feeling of joy, wonder, love and a little anxiety is all around. Now that it’s nearly the end, you still have those, but it’s just along with braxton hicks, lots of peeing at night and waddling around like a walrus. Here are some signs that your nearing the end. Thank God! (Can you imagine being an elephant? 2 whole years of pregnancy? No thank you)

1) Getting in and out of bed is a chore. No… painful… no… irritating… no it’s all of those. Comfort is no more. Exhaustion is there, but getting into a comfortable position for sleeping is like, Yeah right. Unless you have a hammock or hot tub or cloud.

2) Anxiety is everywhere. The unknown of when baby is coming is so hard. Nesting helps, but at this point it’s scary. You want the baby to be healthy and stay in as long as possible. And yet not knowing when the baby is coming is rough.

3) How is today going to go? Yesterday I woke up with energy and joy. Ready to get stuff done. I took my little guy to storytime and Target and had a great day. Today we are hanging out at home because mommy is exhausted. You just never know how you’re going to feel at this point. I guess I’m pretty lucky to be staying at home with my little guy during this time and all the time.

4) Bumping into your toddler with your gigantic belly happens more often than you think. Woops, sorry son.

5) Freaking Braxton Hicks. I’ve been having them since 23 weeks. If there’s one good thing about Braxton Hicks, it’s knowing their not the real thing until they are extremely painful and progressing. I completely forgot that I had back labor with my first.

6) People can tell that you’re “done” by the look on your face and the sound of your voice. Did I mention the size of your belly? People look at me now and just give me the sympathetic look.

7) Screw regular bras. If it’s not a nursing bra or a built in bra, stay away from me. Pain, sensitivity, and did I mention leaking? But I will say this I cannot wait to nurse again!!! It’s one of the most amazing things that God let our bodies do.

Cannot wait to see our new little angel!

Praise for Family Friendly Restaurants

Today we just had to get out of the house. Although this pregnant mommy would love to lay around and do nothing, my almost three year old was going stir crazy.
Tired of the same old park thing, we changed it up with a trip to our nearby Chick-Fil-A.
The is place deserves an ‘A’. Each time we come, it’s great; Whether it be for lunch and play time or just their homemade  lemonade. The place is always immaculate and if your food isn’t ready when you order, they bring it right to you. They will even come by and refill your drinks and take your trash without you having to get up. Which, really comes in handy with kids.
My son loves the play place and I love that he can exchange his kid’s meal toy for an ice cream.
Did I mention they have hot and iced coffee all day? This place is meant for families. Overall, an ‘A’. Funny thing is, I had never even tried Chick-fil-A until I became a parent! Seriously, try the lemonade.

To the Pregnant Mom Taking Her Toddler to the Park

You are doing great. You are Super Momma! You deserve to hear that. You need to hear that.

I know what happened today. Today is different. Today is the first day you felt the hormones kick in. You had been feeling great up until now; Besides all the nausea, fatigue, food aversions and acne. Then somewhere between getting dressed for the day, brushing your toddler’s teeth and waiting from a morning phone call from your husband, you felt all kinds of emotions. Sadness, confusion, frustration, anger, sadness again… hunger. Wait, that’s not an emotion. Ok, actually it is, when you are pregnant.

The park seems like the best idea at this point. Get out of the house before these hormones take over everything and let your toddler run out the energy they have. I know your feeling guilty because you’re not climbing up the stairs and racing down the slides this time, but don’t. Not only do you need the calm cool grass in between your toes, but your toddler loves exploring without mom hovering. It’s a win, win. Taking a little time for yourself, will help you be a better mommy.

Bottom line, you are doing great. Remember, tomorrow is a new day.